With the launch of the NEW Agile SAP Activate Methodology, the way SAP projects are being designed is changing.

NO MORE SAP Business Blueprint workshops, instead it is time to execute the NEW Agile SAP Activate Fit-to-Standard process.

To be successful as an SAP Project Manager or Consultant in today's SAP projects you must become an expert in the NEW Agile SAP Activate Fit-to-Standard process

Having worked on a large number of SAP projects using the SAP Activate Methodology I am still surprised how challenging it can be to run an effective SAP Fit-2-Standard workshop.

The main challenges I am seeing to successfully adopt the SAP Activate Fit-2-Standard process is related to

Understand the difference in applying the Fit-to-Standard process on Cloud vs On-premise

The SAP Activate Fit-to-Standard process is very different if you are adopting the process for an On-Premise or a Cloud project.

Questions that I am always asked

  • What is the difference between Workshop A and Workshop B?
  • Is the Fit-to-Standard Gap analysis workshop the same as the Fit-to-standard Analysis workshop?

Turning to SAP and the different SAP blogs and experts I found that it is hard to get more clarity from the material that is available it is still confusing. This is why I have tried to demystify the SAP Fit-to-Standard process for both Cloud and On-[premise scenarios

The short answer is Gap Analysis and Analysis workshop is not identical. Workshop A and Workshop B are terms used for designing On-Premise solutions only.

Still, confused? I have designed a FREE SAP Fit-to-Standard course that will explain the Fit-to-Standard process in more detail.

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